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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is for every person to become independent in the water through the process of learning to swim. The best safety method for non-swimmers or weak swimmers is unwavering supervision. There is no guarantee that non-swimmers will remember their skills in an emergency situation. However, having experience with swim skills and using them correctly can save a life. We want to change drowning statistics by raising the standard of good and safe swimming with adequate supervision.

We believe year-round lessons help our students keep the consistency they need for swim success. Our lessons also work well with your schedule because they occur at a predictable time every week, and you can adjust that anytime based on your schedule and what we have available. Simply check out our schedule here to see what’s open!

You can start anytime! Our swim lessons occur year-round and aren’t session based, because we believe that consistency plays a great role in swim success. Find classes that fit your schedule now here!

Because we run year round rather than seasonally, your lessons run continually until you withdraw. We love watching our students progress all year!

Our lessons are once weekly for 30 minutes. We find that this weekly regularity helps students retain information and gain consistency in their skills over time and leads to better retention.

Yes! Tuition is pro-rated for the exact week you start to ensure that you’re not overcharged.

Learning to swim is a lot like learning a language. You learn a little at a time, week by week. At first, you need basic skills, and once those are mastered, more complex skills can be introduced. We start with introduction to the water, progress to face in the water, floating, propelling, air exchange, and then strokes. These more complex skills take the basic skills to work, so they take time to learn. Everyone learns at their own pace, and everyone takes a different amount of time based on natural ability, willingness, strength, stamina, and interest. On average, it takes a beginner several years to learn, starting from complete novice to comfortable and independent in the deep end. Like we mention in the question just above this one, there is no guarantee that someone “who can swim” is 100% safe in water, but it gives the person the best chance to know what’s needed when it’s needed. Our goal is to give our clients the opportunity to master the skills of independence in the water.

Contact our owner, Ali Meeks, at 206.779.9425 with questions about lessons, rates, curriculum, or anything else. For scheduling and registration assistance, the quickest option is to text our assistant Beth Purvee first at 706.877.6655, and she will call you shortly.

We have a Customer/Parent Portal located here, and on it you can see your account information, update credit cards, and see classes! New to our Portal? Watch this quick video to see how to access and manage your account with us.

As you can imagine, handling misses is challenging for both you and us, so we have endeavored to provide a system that will work for everyone.

Our policy document describes how we manage missed lessons.

For Private Lessons, there are 3 types of absences – 1) Holidays, 2) Pool maintenance/weather/instructor absence. and 3) Your absence*s.

  1. Holidays: No make-ups for holidays, which are : Martin Luther King Day,  Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and Christmas Eve through New Years’ Day.
  2. Pool closures/Weather/Instructor absence: Make-ups are always allowed.
  3. Your Absences: One make-up per quarter** is allowed in the event your student is sick or on vacation, which you can arrange by filling out this form: Makeups You can have your make-up with any instructor, yours or otherwise.

*If you are in a multi-family private lesson (e.g. there are multiple families sharing a private lesson slot), then we consider class as taught if any one of the students is present. If the other student(s) miss class, there is no make-up. If you as families collectively decide that all students will be absent, then the class can be considered for one of the quarterly make-ups.

**(A Quarter is a 3-month period on a yearly calendar (Jan-Feb-Mar is 1st Quarter; Apr-May-Jun is 2nd Q; Jul-Aug-Sep is 3rd Q; and Oct-Nov-Dec is 4th Q).

For safety reasons, we must exit the pool when lightning is in the area. Weather cancellations must often be made at the last minute due to quickly changing conditions. If lessons are to be cancelled due to inclement weather, instructors will send a text to the PRIMARY CONTACT LISTED IN OUR SYSTEM approximately one hour before the scheduled swim lesson. If more notice is possible, it will be given, but due to the fluctuations in weather more notice cannot be guaranteed.

We will never cancel without attempting to contact you, so please DO NOT assume a cancellation if the weather is poor.

To make up lessons cancelled due to weather please refer to the instructions below in the next FAQ.

No, we do not have swim lessons on any of the following holiday days due to pool closure, and there are no make-ups for holidays:
• Martin Luther King Day
• Easter Sunday
• Memorial Day
• 4th of July
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving and Black Friday
• Christmas Eve through New Years’ Day

For our policy on makeups re: holidays, please see the FAQ called “How Do We Handle Absences and Makeups?”

At times, our instructors need to change lesson times or elect to move on in life in order to work within their own life schedules. However, all of our instructors know and use our innovative method. Every one of them is kind, delightful, and ready to teach each swimmer well. If your favorite instructor moves on or changes times, we will contact you and help you select a new instructor or time.

We try to take everyone’s requests into account and accommodate the best we can. We know that everyone works well with different learning and teaching styles, and rest assured we’ll ensure you’re happy with the instructor you have.

A swimsuit designed for swimming, goggles, and a cap (cap optional). Please no regular clothing, including sports shorts, diapers, cutoffs, or underwear. Girls should wear coverage on the top, please, regardless of age.

Swimwear should be comfortable and close fitting, but avoid too much or loose clothing like swim shirts and long shorts, which tend to weigh swimmers down, making it harder for them to swim. 

To withdraw from lessons, click the Info tab at the top of this webpage and select Withdraw. We ask for withdrawals by the 15th of each month so that we can plan our next month’s work.

While we can’t guarantee that we can match availability, we always do our best to work with your schedule and accommodate everyone as much as we can.

Yes! The monthly tuition you see on our website is the total price you pay. It’s the same amount whether you have 1 or 3 students in the class. The other students can be siblings, friends, or relatives, it’s up to you! 

Our classes DO allow more than one student in your class. However, the registration software has a particular setting which we don’t control wherein at initial registration, the software only allows you to officially register one student. BUT if you could please fill in the information about your second and/or third students in the registration form under Student #2 and/or #3, our admin assistant will take that info and place them into the class for you.

Don’t worry, we will take good care of you! If you have any questions as you register, chat into the website or call/text our assistant at 706.877.6655.

Your instructor’s cell number was provided to you in your confirmation email that we sent confirming start date. If it is urgent and you do not have their number, please call/text our owner Ali Meeks at 206.779.9425 or our admin assistant Beth at 706.877.6655. But for our sanity, please see if you have that email first to save us from thousands of text messages! 😀

If you need to get in touch because you will be missing your lesson, please CONTACT YOUR INSTRUCTOR AS A FIRST STEP. If you are eligible for a make-up this quarter, please also fill out our make-up request form under the Info tab on our website here

If not urgent, you may email us at [email protected] 

No problem. Please CONTACT YOUR INSTRUCTOR AS A FIRST STEP and let them know about the absence. If you are eligible for a make-up this quarter, please also fill out our make-up request form under the Info tab on our website at .

Your instructor’s cell number was provided to you in your confirmation email that we sent confirming start date. If it is urgent and you do not have their number, please call/text our owner Ali Meeks at 206.779.9425 or our admin assistant Beth at 706.877.6655. But for our sanity, please see if you have that email first to save us from thousands of text messages! 😀

Our company email is [email protected] if you have any questions as well.

Recall that we allow one make-up per quarter for student absences, and those policies can be found under the FAQ on our website under the Info tab, in the FAQ titled, “How do we handle absences and make-ups?”

You can request to change your lesson day or time by logging into the Parent portal and picking the class you’d rather have. Register in for that class just as you originally did, and make a note in the comments that you’d like to transfer to this class. Once wereceive the registration notification, we will send you a confirmation about the new class and details for the first lesson at the NEW time.

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